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100 days of summer
day 29

The "100 Days of Summer" are a time of shared daily creativity. In 2012, they started on July 5th and ended October 12th, initiated by Steve Veilleux.

The weekly themes, daily entries, comments and feedback were shared via a facebook group, with entries consistently on the move, which at the end of the fourth week, lead to the collage above, a snapshot in time of an ongoing project:

"this morning as i scrolled up and down through group entries a couple of times, looking for posts that kept hiding, i wished there was a button to tell facebook to stop re-sorting group posts all the time. but all the scrolling had a creative side effect: that's how this collage came together.

images by Sandra Davies + Sina Evans + Santi Senarati + me"

- Dorothee Lang


100 Days of Summer 2012 - half-way

In celebration of all the works created, an invite went online when reaching day 50, to take a moment to reflect on the process so far.

The answers, together with the collages, then turned into a blog-based mosaic of reflections: 100 Days of Summer 2012