Strange Little Girls
Fascination with facts

Her vision improves when she cries, the tears sharpening her focus ever so slightly, ever so briefly allowing her moments of perfect visual clarity.

The first touch of chocolate from France sends shivers down her spine. Very little comes close to that splendor. Save one.

Ghosts tend to walk through her on a regular basis, as if she were some kind of revolving door to the afterlife. Some times they take the opportunity to remind her she's still alive.

She always looks into a man's eyes first, immediately followed by looking at his hands, for various reasons, a ring usually among them.

She loves dogs. Detests their smell...in fact....

Her sense of smell is quite acute and she can identify and remember scents for years, if not indefinitely. Her sense of sound is equally as sensitive, as is her touch...

She will notice details and movements you will miss, especially when walking through the woods.

She always stops to admire spiders.

She detests hornets and wasps, yet she has never been stung.

She will remember you, oh yes, regardless of how brief an encounter you had. She will.

She remembers her dreams. Even the ones from her childhood.

She prefers stripes over florals.

She will find you, and when she does, there will most likely be a kiss involved. Perhaps more, if she knows it's you.

She dislikes wearing jewelry, carrying a purse, wearing makeup, or obsessing over shoes. But she does every single one. With grace, if possible.

She wants to know you. If there's still time.

She loves a damn good, clue finding, hidden details kinda mystery. Da Vinci Code was not it.

She does not like television. Despite how good you think Gilmore Girls might be.

She wishes she could always travel with her cats at her side.

She thinks of you every time she sees a classic car. GTO's make her blush.


words: Sheila Lynne, Georgia (Scarlets Walk)
photo: Steve Wing, Florida (sand shadow)


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