About BluePrintReview

In April 2005, a friend told me about a book, written by Jon McGregor. "Nach dem Regen" it is titled in German. Yet the author is English. Last week I looked for the original book, "After the rain" I figured it would be named, yet couldn't find it, until I read the description of the book I came across instead. If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things this one was called.

Somehow, this title set the tone for an idea I tossed since some weeks, but never got started. An e-zine, including photos and texts, maybe the one or other book and film review and also a sorted list of those links that were forming a random link list in my browser. Yet were to start? Which stories to include, which photos?

Suddenly I knew the answer: those that were remarkable, yet weren't even meant to become part of an e-zine. Those sent by friends and strangers, without title, without notation.

Now they form an issue, in all kind of meanings of this word.

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