The Loneliness of Artists

It is at times exactly what we need - some time for ourselves, some time for introversion and contemplation that leaves the whole world out. But other times, this loneliness is creeping under our skin and makes us feel secluded in the dark and we want to get away.

This is how the artist soul works. There are no rules. We need to be alone to create, but we also need external reassurance and encouragement. We need to know that we are valued, and understood.

This kind of duality can drive the people around us crazy. They don't know when to come in and get closer, and when to step back. They need to thread so gently, but for the rational ones, threading gently is almost not an option. So they sometimes step on our toes, or stay away when we need them close. I guess, that's just the way it is.

(text: E. Havusha, Israel; picture: D. Lang, Germany)

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