Another Life

There is one street I often walk down that has a temporary workforce place, where there are always a bunch of workers hanging around in the early hours waiting for work.

I’m not sure exactly how it operates, but anyway, today I was walking down the street and ahead of me were walking a man, a woman, and a young boy. The man was upset with them, urging them to hurry, but the boy kept getting distracted and the woman who seemed to be in charge of him didn’t really do much to keep him focused on moving along.

So then we all got to the temp force building at the same time, and there were a lot of people inside, visible through an open garage door. A woman was calling out names, and she called his name, and said, "Are you working shift today?" He said yes, and she said "Come on!"

He hurried in, leaving the woman and child. And then
several of the others started razzing him or asking him
why he was late.

I don’t know what my point is exactly, but it was a glimpse into another life.

(text: S. Wing, Florida; picture: B. Luik, Germany)

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