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Red Giant

Universe expands, light takes longer, and equations are off.

Time to start
over, we can fork the stalled strands of double helix. If we are static– universe would collapse.

Thanks to those pulling like the bully in the lunch line, who takes the last pizza slice. I am glad the world is larger since high school or college. There are new stars and old ones exploding. It is the way it should be. Keep moving like an orbit, create a spirograph in your nebula until implosion. It is worth the trouble, might just become a sun where smaller planets revolve and remember your father's eggplant lasagna or the one-liner he always said: Shithead.

You knew it meant he loved you. It still gives off heat, spins you around.


words: Michelle Gilliam, USA (more)
image: Kate Brown, Netherlands (postcards from a flat land)


a blue, white, black universe: Big Bang Cause Unknown (#18)


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BluePrintReview - issue 24 - micro cosmos