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The Families
Auckland, New Zealand

The two Art Deco houses stood in a valley on Tuarangi Road next to one another, in view of the highway leading downtown. Strangely enough, one could not hear the cars near the houses. Two families of artists lived in these buildings, which were too small for their perennially expanding minds, but were loved for their almost human daintiness. Their backyards were swampy despite the occupants' earnest attempts at draining the land. The artists' sculptures rested on the wet grass. Whenever a new sculpture appeared like a big friendly giant, the children were the first to claim it by climbing all over it, unsupervised except by the huge eucalyptus trees by the side of the road, which curiously peeked over the fence.


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words: Finnegan Flawnt. Berlin (blog)
image: 'Inspired' - Carlye Birkenkrahe, Berlin (homepage)


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