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The Two Sides of the Brain
a troped poem

of the rhythm of the brain which you perhaps you know that these are

only an approximation and if you could actually access the more than

10% of the brain that you use then you would go right out of your flip-

ping mind that’s right some work and some do not and of really fact in-

to you there are new controls for you for several context which rightly

that understands the call controlled the side show so “internalization”

for the occasional end obtained as always and that designates that the

Deity does frequent if to be took to which as As works and that are in-

ventions of which are unexpected but with that to out of left field then

everyone says how will you stay longer but therefore this method loads

from the call dropped and left completely if in the active word to the

“model” it is you who are in control and this that results works not in

the “brain” but in the fact so altogether it is opposite and/or after under-

standing whatever you can you have to believe the opposite of what

you now believe and the entire inquiry has to be re-thought that as is it

is many above-mentioned good does any time at all do? you find that

the facts are applicable but if not then the end is your intuition must not

fail you at this critical juncture but still you find that you’re unprovable

and you cannot possibly know which hand with which to rank God and

the intonation of the rite differs from the final result I guess you could

call that “origin theory” but in another normal run you take what is prac-

tical: that to not want in addition which is something we all have tried

when fact and product and place necessarily succumb to a literalness

which all right-thinking people agree upon a mutual understanding an

unusual search is tried but what is found is mistook to be mistook the

Hand but we on the side must make do with the shortage of fortune as

if there were any other choice [!] the victim of decision waits for the lan-

guage which will condemn him which will make all things good again e-

ven if he has to spend several years in prison but certain possible oppos-

ited functions interrupt his sentence and the clinical exactness of the sub-

consciousness exactnesses creates a concept that scientific brain cannot

accept or except or incept or ept so which hemisphere is the “right” one?


words: satnrose (more + more)
image: 'small sun in the storm' - bl pawelek, california (homepage)

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