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My Unified Theory of Everything

I am trying to design a course
that will cover just about everything:
How to fly, scrimshaw,
how to get to the outer galaxies,
the naming of ants, glassblowing,
how to build a doghouse,
how to stay out of one,
how to make a kayak out of eggshells.

How to do anything
you have your heart set on,
how to fall in love,
how to play the flute
to please the angels,
how to send smoke signals
through a bagpipe
and how to sleep like a cat
nights full of dream
days of realization.

There are no prerequisites
for this course; it is called life.
Bring a toothbrush.


Judith McNally
Ron Kostar

notes on the process


. .BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations