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The Process & Bios

Notes on "Gears that Grind"
by Michael J. Solender

Lynn and I met at the Sphere online about 2 years ago and immediately found a kindred spirit. We began communicating and collaborating almost from the jump. We actually met this past January, when Lynn traveled to Charlotte with her daughter. It was like meeting an old friend, instantly comforting and comfortable.

She is an immense talent and a legend who commands enormous respect in the indy press scene. She is such a good writer too, though for some reason publishes her work reluctantly. I asked her if she would collaborate with me on this piece as I’ve seen her photographic work – she has an incredible aesthetic – and I knew her prose would be strong.

The piece started as a short and she came back to me and said she thought it worked better as a poem. This was really amazing as I felt that way too, but had committed to a short and didn’t want to change up on her midstream.

While the piece is brief it is intense and one I believe, is very special and meaningful.


The clock photo story
by Lynn Alexander

I sent a few images to Michael and we settled on the one named "August Onions", which has an own story:

"August Onions" refers to the fact that these are pieces of a clock, my kids got me a pile of clock junk for my birthday and we sat outside and the air smelled like onions and it was a beautiful day, I felt understood by my kids.
They knew I would love the present.


Lynn Alexander is the producer and managing editor of Full Of Crow Press And Distribution, which includes Full Of Crow Online, Blink Ink, Fashion For Collapse, and more. You can find out more at her website here.

Michael J. Solender is the editor of On The Wing, the nonfiction online magazine from Full of Crow. His micro fiction and poetry have been featured online at Bull Men's Fiction, Calliope Nerve, Danse Macabre, Dogzplot, Gloom Cupboard, Full of Crow, Pangur Ban Party and others. You can find more of his work at his website and also at the NOT.


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