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paper forest _____________________________/ arboreal halloween


The Process & Bios

Notes on "impermissible occlusion"
Steve Wing

February 17th was a day that would culminate in a full moon rise at sunset.  And in keeping with this celestial alignment, the process seemed to grow from meditative moments, starting with these messages:


initial mail from steve:

Hi, Karyn!

I had a moody morning yoga practice and the attached poem came out, like a sweat.  I had the thought maybe you would want to spin it or splice it or turn it inside out like an old sock and maybe submit something togetherů

Here a photo I thought might fit: paper forest [included above]


response from karyn:

hi steve!

something came to me right away after having a look at everything you sent:

contrasting your poem and image with a parallel story that plays on vivid autumn red. i could try to build words, same format as yours, but then our lines could be interspersed, so the end poem would be a string of contrasts, and the images could be put together too, overlapping in some way, somehow. all about contrasts and flipsides.

this is the image i thought of from my end:
arboreal-halloween [included above]

so wonderful that you sprouted a poem at yoga. i'll print off your words now, and take them with me to the hot springs. perhaps my words will bubble up with the minerals there ...



Karyn's morphing bubbled and sprouted and the result was a nearly finished poem. And the morphed poem suggested a different image, one that seemed for both of us to fit uncannily well with the text - I browsed some of my photo files, and arrived at 'painted symbols'.

After seeing it, Karyn wrote:

"yes, that image for the poem is absolutely stellar. so interesting how the tree photos and the shadows on yours kicked things off, inspiring memory of my bright leaves image, and how the combination of both of our images inspired my word morphing. and the process continued with the combined words inspiring your selection of this final abstract image. there couldn't be a more perfect visual for this: the shapes, lines, colors, sensibility and mood."

This highlights how our separate energies came together in collaborative synergy. Another celestial alignment!  We hope the results are as enjoyable as our experience developing this project through the ether in different countries and on opposite coasts of North America.


Karyn Eisler is a writer, cross-disciplinary artist, sociologist, and faculty member at Langara College, Vancouver, Canada.  Her previous collaborations include (R)Evolution, POP UP Poptagon, Induction/Deduction, and Dealing With Family and Friends. She blogs at Living ?s.

Steve Wing is a want-to-be beachcomber whose aspirations are suppressed to facilitate continued employment at an academic institution.  his beachcombing urges are channelled instead into creating images and writing, he often is inspired by extraordinary aspects of the everyday world, which seem to him like treasures delivered on a high tide.  he is a regular contributor to the BluePrint Review, qarrtsiluni, and Foliate Oak, and also has contributed to other online journals. More about him and his work can be found here.


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. .BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations