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The Process & Bios

Notes on "Out the Back Door"
by Roland Goity & Kimy Martinez

This is the first time that Kimy and Roland have collaborated on an art & text piece. They'd talked about it often though, and were finally spurred to do so when seeing the BluePrintReview's “synergy” submissions call. Roland wrote the words and Kimy configured the text within an image she'd created from a photo series she'd done showcasing the real star of the piece, her sister, Anna. Then there were a few alterations, back and forth.

Over the years Kimy and Roland have worked together on a variety of projects. Kimy is art editor and Roland fiction editor of the online journal, LITnIMAGE. And Kimy has directed two short films adapted from Roland‘s fiction. Most recently, Kimy has illustrated EXPERIENCED: Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction (Vagabondage Press), which Roland edited along with John Ottey.

You can find more of Kimy's art at: Kimyart.com, and more of Roland's writing at RolandGoity.com.


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. .BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations