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About the text and the image

the text

now is part of Sherry O'Keefe's collection that carries the same title: "The Peppermint Bottle".

"sometimes when i write texts like that i wonder if what i've been thinking about reaches the register of another. it seems to me the less expounded on, the more "something" can travel from one register to another. the security guard at the National Gallery of Art has no idea his words came back to Montana with me, and perhaps have since become words synapsing inside the mind of someone who read my post two weeks ago. i do believe we carry everything already within us and as we allow ourselves to experience the words of others, something tumbles deep inside. firing chambers unlock and we evolve. we explore, search and discover so many more dimensions of not only the world outside our own selves, but the world contained within. the water, all water, truly is old."

- Sherry O' Keefe


the image

was posted as day #36 in Julia Davies's project blog (100) Magpie days, here's the post: Geometry.

"this image was developed from one in my haiku collection Robbed & Mugged; in the collection, it is the visual for the final verse:

My essence pools.
slows to mirrored ice, blue sheened
to reflect you back

later, it was reworked to provide a background for Peter Greene's carnival edition #7 entry, and appropriated again for 'Geometry' before (wonderfully) arriving at the BluePrintReview."

- Julia Davies



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