firsts and lasts
Hobart continues its series of themed guest edited issues,
the next one is about "firsts and lasts"
Deadline: October 10

Resonating Places
Sage of Consciousness is searching for stories or poems on places that had you musing or wondering, writing or snapping
(up to 4000 words, up to 6 poems)
Deadline: October 10

yes / no / maybe
Mosaic Minds works on its next theme issue:
the "yes / no / maybe" - edition.
open for fictional or nonfictional texts, prose or poetry
Deadline: October 15

It all started 2 years ago
CautionaryTale is celebrating its second birthday with a writing contest, start your story with "It all started 2 years ago", and throw in: "Brooks, ticket, united, saying, three"
Deadline: October 29

4 word poem
eclectica is running its poetry assignment again,
the pre-chosen words this time are:
orphanage, eggshell, vile, and summon.
submit: October / November

Avatar Review will be reading poems & prose for their new issue which will have the theme: "Travelling"
submit: October 2005 - January 2006

National Novel Writing Month is coming closer:
registration and forums open 1st October, the writing will begin 1st November: one novel, 50.000 words, in one month.
register: now. write: in November. sleep: in December

Short Flight / Long Drive Books
Hobart announces it's first annual mini book contest, calling for submissions with a lenght of 15.000-30.000 words, in the form of diary/journal entries (fiction of non), entry is $20
Deadline: December 31

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