The Balloon Capital of the World

Today, in my hometown, it's the "Ballon-a-Fair." It used to be that there were factories that produced balloons, and supposedly it was the balloon capital of the world.

So it's a street fair, with food, and games and things. It's this same weekend every year, and every year it is the weekend when it starts to get cold and windy and rainy. As it feels today already.

And in the evening, at a horse farm outside of town, they launch hot air balloons. They used to try to do it Friday night, Saturday morning and night and Sunday morning and night. But the wind often prevents some of those launches. And then usually there are fireworks on Saturday night, and bands at the horse farm.

When I was a kid, it was the best time in the world.

(words: Eric Wrisley, Ohio; picture: Lys Anzia, New Mexico)

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