the day i tripped with jerry garcia
a dream

jerry signed my playbill in a bar in berkeley. his picture and a description of the song "ripple" were in it. he wanted the foutain pen which turned out to be some kind of heavy duty one for writing on t-shirts.

he was writing on the carpet when i mentioned that i had the lease on the club, so we went up telegraph avenue to get some discarded carpet samples under the carleton hotel.

while we passed some corner knicknack stands that were being thrown out, i told him that i used to live in that hotel. he wondered why no one ever invited him to any of those parties and didn't i know that he liked paper moons. i told him how careful i had to be about asteroids nowadays, but of course i would hang out with him.

so we went back to the saloon. there, alan parsons was still playing "standing on higher ground" as they had been in my previous dream of an hour and a half before.

words: Gerry George, Texas; picture: Jeff Crouch, Texas)

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