Jeff Crouch

Jeff Crouch is an internet artist in Grand Prairie, Texas.
His graphic work has appeared in various e-zines.


selected links:

Toward Beltine / Ascent Aspirations
4 images / Literary Chaos
5 images / Unlikely Stories
Gate / theBlueSmokeBand
Another Parking Lot / Cezanne's Carrot
Pool Chairs / Dog Ear
Hmmm, mmmm / eratio
Gate, Private Reserve & Drop / JMWW
moonup / Moria
Light Pole / Unpleasant Event Schedule
Shadow Swing / zafusy

for more, Google "Jeff Crouch" to see where he's been.

the whole list
63 Channels, Above Ground Testing (with Molly Crouch), Admit 2 (with Christopher Woods), Ancient Heart Magazine, ardent, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, The Aurora Review, Baker's Dozen Literary Review, Behind the Wainscot, Bending Spoons, Bewildering Stories, Black Biro (with Christopher Woods), BloodLotus, The Blotter Magazine, BluePrintReview (and just1m), The Blue Smoke Band, The Brave Little Poem Daily (with Christopher Woods), The Centrifugal Eye, Cezanne's Carrot Literary Journal, Chick Flicks E-Zine, The Chrysalis (with Molly Crouch and Ben Crouch), Clockwise Cat, decomP, Dark Fire Fiction (with Christopher Woods), Defenestration Magazine, Dicey Brown, DISPATCH Literary Review, DogEar, Dogmatika , The Dreaming Pool, eratio postmodern poetry, Eskimo Pie Girl, Events Quarterly, Expose'd, The Fifteen Project, Foliate Oak, Generator Press (April 2006 Exhibit) including a Big Bridge re-post, HiNgE, The Houston Literary Review, Ink Pot, Istanbul Literature Review, JMWW, The Lampshade, Lily, Literary Chaos, Literary Vision Magazine (LitVision), LitLab (with Christopher Woods), Lunatic Chameleon, Mad Hatter's Review, Minimalist Concrete Poetry, Misanthropists Anonymous (with Molly Crouch), Monkey Kettle, moria, Neon Highway, The New Verse News (with Christopher Woods), NY Pamphleteers (with Christopher Woods), otoliths, qarrtsiluni, Quill and Ink, People Live in These Canyons (with Christopher Woods), PFS Post, Poems Niederngasse, Prose Toad, Red Fez, SCIFAIKUEST, Sein und Werden, The Sidewalk's End, Skive Magazine, Slow Trains (with Christopher Woods), Southern Cross Review (with Christopher Woods), Speculative Fiction Centre, Spoiled Ink, Stirring: A Literary Collection, Stone Table Review (with Christopher Woods), Subtle Tea, Susurrus (with Christopher Woods), Tattoo Highway, te_a_tro, Thieves Jargon, Triplopia, Twisted Tongue, Underground Window, Unlikely Stories, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Venereal Kittens, Ward 6 Review, WinAMop, Write This, zafusy, and zapata.