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Call for Submissions:

BluePrintReview #30: 'Re:view'

due to some unexpected happenings (larger freelance project on short notice and some other unexpected obstacles), i'll have to postpone this issue for now. sorry for that. i will contact all contributors in the next days. note: this doesn't affect the  ReviewForward initiative, which will continue. 
- Dorothee


Let's re:view! The next issue of BlueprintReview will be dedicated to reviews, especially to reviews of small press and self published books. Another focus point will be the theme of reading / writing / reviewing in general.

Please note the slightly wildly different submission guidelines.

invited are:
1) reviews
2) photos & artwork

3) essays on reviewing and reading/writing in general

for each category, see category guidelines below

Deadline: 8. September 2012

issue will launch: in steps during September + October



this is where things are very different from the usual submission process:

To support reviews, reviewers, and books, and to create a place for all reviews that are submitted, this issue is combined with a new online initiative for indie authors, for self published authors and for book bloggers:

to join, you can either write a new review, or pick a review you have written earlier this year. feel encouraged to be creative and experiment with forms, to find the format that is most fitting for you and the book.

the idea of the initiative is to help to spread reviews by sharing and forwarding the links. BluePrintReview will of course join in sharing and retweeting the reviews. In addition to this, reviews will be featured in the blueprint blog, and selected for publication in the upcoming issue of BluePrintReview.

in a nutshell, the idea is to support and share reviews already in the submission process for the review issue, but even more important, to create an ongoing review network that supports all who join, and that hopefully will keep growing.

please visit the detailed guidelines in the blueprint blog: review forward

(PS: If for some reason you rather submit directly, that's okay, too)


for this issue, please send photos of views that are book-related: the view from your favourite reading place, bookshop or library photos...
also invited is art based that is physically based on books (collages, etc)

submit to: editor AT blueprintreview DOT de
please include a line about your work / about you, and website or blog links


3) ESSAYS on reviewing and reading/writing in general
please send texts up to ~ 2000 words, pasted into the e-mail (feel free to add a word-document, especially if the text has formatting).

submit to: editor AT blueprintreview DOT de
please include a line about your work / about you, and website or blog links


for this issue, previously published work is welcome in all categories. simultaneous submissions are fine, too.



BluePrintReview is listed at Duotrope's Digest, here the link: BluePrintReview at Duotrope

Duotrope also keeps a statistic, and invites all writers to report their responses.



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BluePrintReview - issue 30 - re:view