Stolen Rembrandt to be shown at Getty

Between worlds          criss-crossing  shoe-lacing changing planes

what is thy name?

Between worlds          I have none but snow, sleet & sun

stars imploding

A painting with a lively criminal past has been found, a Rembrandts turned up

as one turns soil in spring.

            That way I took fistfuls of clutter, pulled them up like weds, tossed them
to the dogs, the hogs

of fortune and time

            Fortune my foe           what other one?

Fate is simply what happens.

                        Stolen at gunpoint, sold at auction to a collector

longtime owners heirs of my body were gathered like mourners on the prairies,
struck, pistol-wakened, a winters threshold, pardisal terror afflicted them: twice aware.


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words: Lynn Strongin, Canada (webpage)
image: R.C. Miller, NY (flickr)

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