The Bitter Years

e like ashes blackburn burnt honey

______If your hips hurt ______yield, give in, be someone's lover

______like never before. Love her like a house on fire, a ship going somewhere

______with urgent message, Van Daemon's land. Set up the music stand

______till passion blaze the notes in.

______No going hungry alone. Felicity Lamb, Capability Brown Your forever Family is come:

______sky lard pale

______earth dung-brown.

______pawning silver dented spoons

______wear-& tear-got in hip socket hard as war:

______she lost her virginity in a brief hour tarnished chimneys near the crematorium,

incinerator ashes blowing in her hair: Jump class barriers:

______a marionette ______wooden paint berry-bright shod:

____________string pulled crystal

____________by raven god.


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words: Lynn Strongin, Canada (webpage)
image: Jeff Crouch, Texas (more)

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