The Immaculate Dots

The sleek and sharp computer
Rounded up the signals all to
Binary --
A sequence of zeros and ones --
A line of existence and

And in that fabulous digital world
The slots appeared perfect--

A pulse expanding to "one"
Proudly when it should be --
Right to the brim,

But the empty little slots
Remained clean.

When the image finally popped up
On that lucid screen,

There were cells that appeared grey though,
Between life and
Plagued those
beaming lips
And the eyes that
Sparkled bright
From afar.

And the vagabond
In the street
Gazed at that amazing face
Flaunted on that screen
In awe
From the window
In the frost

With hope --

The very pulse of life
That throbbed and danced and flickered
Would become
somewhat bigger
And much closer to unity

Some day.


words: Fariel Shafee, USA (The other side of the moon)
image: Swati Nair, India (more & more)


BluePrintReview - issue 18 - Origin & End