all the clocks have stopped. a plane flies overhead. artworld. worldart.

there is talk of einstein through the open door. miracles & imagination.

i shall cook you dinner. experiment through languish. embroider feathers.

climb rocks. the words become the vessels the drawings the map.

faraway in the desert the fish swims.


imaginary fields. imaginary friends. what was your name again?

we travel to biarritz. we swim in the sea. i do not swim.

time. space. art. drift. float. extend the metaphor. theory of.

relativity. blue fields. fields of yellow light. the clocks are hidden in a ship.

the gnome in the garden has lost his hat.


remember the laws of acceleration. stars exist. i plant seeds.

render the impossible. laws of motion. speculate feeling.

the path through the labyrinth is a painting. our names are aligned.

define escapement. leave the world. words. numbers. images.

untitled compass. sculpture & land.


words: Marcia Arrieta, California (indefinite space)
image: Peter Schwartz, Maine (Sitrah Ahra)

BluePrintReview - issue 18 - Origin & End