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Story South
2009 Million Writers Award
the reader nominations and editor nominations for the award are now closed, with the full lists online. the list of notable stories of the year will be released by April 30, with the top ten stories released by the middle May. voting on the top story of the year will last for one month.

BluePrintReview nominations:

BluePrintReview is happy to announce the following nominations for the Story South Award:


new issue online:
mud luscious
new issue, new layout.
including The Meaning of Life #35, Snails, Old Friends, The Dead Cells of the Day & A Quick Note on Living Symbolically.

issue link: mud luscious #7


issue online:
qarrtsiluni - Mutating the Signature

qarrtisiluni's collaborative issue "Merging the Signature" is still growing, it includes texts and images from various blueprintreview contributors.
issue link: Mutating the Signature
& call for submissions: poetry chapbook contest

and for the joy of the mutation, here a link list:
Tammy Ho Lai-ming & Reid Mitchell: Variations on a Theme + Debating Love; Greta Aart & Sally Molini: Coup d'État + Oracle at Acres of Books; Steve Wing & Dorothee Lang: Reflective Borders; Peter Schwartz & Colette Jonopulos: in the trade; Arlene Ang & Valerie Fox: Little Boys and Snips of Donkey Tales + We Wrote a Letter to Jesus and he told us to buy a new car


new issue online:
Indefinite Space - Issue 2009
poetry drawings photography collage
from minimalist to avant-garde
magazine link: Indefinite Space


call for submissions:

"We seek previously unpublished prose, poetry, art, and photograph that incorporate these characteristics in funny or sobering ways."
deadline is June 1st
link and details: Fawlt-Apathy


new issue out:

"You know it is spring when the diagrams are blooming out of the electronic ether."
link: Diagram


eclectica special feature
4 word poem
In an ongoing series, the editors, former contributors, and readers of Eclectica have been invited to write a poem containing four pre-chosen words. The words for this issue are curtain, threaten, brittle, and blaze."
link: eclectica special feature
deadline: June 1



BluePrintReview - issue 20 - The Missing Part