Once Upon A Time

Opposite corners of the room

Reading books

From the shelf

We packed in crates

We hauled

From the house

To stations

Brown with rust


You don't

How we met


In from the rain


With a committee for friends

Walked away

From people

You know

But don't


Down deep

And we stood

Like mangroves

And the bus

It never came

So we walked

Your hair slick

Made black

Your lashes translucent

Your goose bumps


Nor did you care

When you're wet

You're wet

So we despaired


In puddles splashed

You danced

Whirled and spun

Dropped dead

Into my arms

I'm a fake

You smiled

Wiped your tears

No longer translucent

But opaque

Hold my hand

Where's my cane?


words: Luigi Monteferrante, Italy (Gang of Tolstoy)
image: Dorothee Lang, Germany (blueprint21)


another once: Sonorous (#13)


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