issue #21 - shortcuts / detours

"shortcuts / detours (geographic, emotional, practical, experimental, philosophic, stylistic, controversial, etc)" said the call for this issue.

truth is, i wasn't sure what to expect when submissions opened. (which is why we try those things, right?)

first arrivals were: a beginning. a railway poem. a future invasion. a set of road pictures. and a pale heart, with just the right beat. up to that point, the issue unfolded in fast forward shortcuts.

yet the road turned strange. the next arrivals consisted of ghosts. and killer tales. there were great images, which didn't want to connect to texts, and vice versa. i tried time and again. and got nowhere. detour, it was.

then faith arrived, in a story. together with a walk home. to get there, i went fishing for clues. and received a lake. and a chief thought. plus, more coffee. which finally let the pages start to click. now the issue is complete, reaching from experimental to classic, from first to second to third person. the shortest cut: "revision" - a parallel world in 40 words. the farthest detour: "library" - with a loop that even includes Othello and Emily Dickinson.

also in this issue: a literally cutting memoir. a certain cooper, appearing twice. a long panorama of one moment in a second of time. and an experimental blog question.  

here the shortcut to the detour: blueprintreview #21.

(and here a shortcut to the clues: the lake. the chief thought image. the coffee. cooper + cooper. and the experimental question.)


update, a week after going live:
Discoveries, Dynamics & Feedback

Discoveries - i hadn't really realized this when putting the shortcuts/detours issue together, but there is a lot of water included in its pages: there's the lake in the library story, the ocean in the washed away poem, there's butler creek, and the rain that falls in the walking home story.

actually, there is a water line in almost every page.
stunned by the discovery, i browsed the issue, and started to copy the passages. out came a water-collage. it's up in the blog post, underneath the yellow flower and the short introduction: water and words - Shortcuts to Water

Dynamics - and more surprises: blueprintreview developed an own dynamic these days. the announcement and link to the new issue streamed through the net in a fast-forward wave -- thanks to everyone who spread the word via e-mail, twitter, facebook and blogs! -- but that's just part of the dynamics. there also is a chain of reflections that was stirred by the reprint call for #22. as it turned out, Cha editor Tammy Ho reflected on previously published works in her blog, and picked up #21 and the reprint call in a note: The demise of small online publications.

this lead to a surprise chain of events and now even brought back webpages of literary journals thought lost. and there will be more: Cha will start a regular section for previously published work that got lost. and i will start a discovery tour via the waybackmachine, and try to retrieve lost magazines, to include links in the next issue of BluePrintReview. the whole story of this, here: Into the Past.

PS: anyone who feels like joining the discovery tour is welcome - just drop me a line for details.
(editor AT blueprintreview DOT de)

Feedback - the issue also received quite a bit of feedback already, here copy&pastes and links in the shortcuts/detours feedback page.

~ ~ ~

Natalie Abadzis, London (byebyeballoon)
Greta Bolger, Michigan (more & more)

Mel Bosworth (No More Hot Lunches)
Jolie Braun, Missouri (more)
Sean Burn, UK (website)

Jeff Crouch, Texas (more)
William Doreski, New Hampshire (blog)
Lori Fredrickson, New York (lorifredrickson.com)

Molly Gaudry, Philadelphia (blogspot)
Brian Greene, North Carolina (more & more)
Paul Hostovsky (homepage)
Clare Howdle, UK (wordslikepictures)
Rose Hunter, Mexico (YB poetry journal / blog)
Penn Kemp, Canada (about & more)
Luigi Monteferrante, Italy (Gang of Tolstoy)
George Moore, Lyon/Colorado (more, more & more)
Brigita Pavsic, Slovenia (soul flowers)
Michelle Reale, Philadelphia (more & more)
Christina Rosalie, webland (my topograpy)
Peter Schwartz, Maine (Sitrah Ahra)
Molly Sutton Kiefer, Minnesota (field work)

Ocean Vuong (blog & vietnamlit.org)

Steve Wing, Florida (more)
David Wolach, US (Experiments in Text)
Nicole Wong, Hong Kong (Meditations in an Emergency)
Diana J. Wynne, California (The Daily Interface)
Sandra M. Yee, Arizona (Yin, Yang & Chocolate

Dorothee Lang, Germany -
blueprint21 / blog

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2) there is no given theme - each issue develops its own theme through submissions
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4) all rules can be broken


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