ristretto (carlisle)

smirk sir, sing darling sing, enjoying danish -

and all from 10am. where's the greek /

french, ringing down, closing in? gravy stats and

roast burnish air, accompanying my double e,

slightly too reedy. hot waters health and safety,

offers instead are of warmed milk, please sip always

and bread on the side. glitter-eyes compulse, d'd

off-vitamin/e, at least yr charity-lit s/aint english,

books to every floor. if hedgehogs had paper well

as quills. eyeing up stock don't mean they're

actually gonna thieve, community support officers

shooting the lottery on up, leg-spreader's cocktail

of choice, mad dogs and barely. japanese bowing

heads on tv. couldn't the one eyed scottish idiot

(technical descriptor, no?) video-confer essential

trade deals, our last floggings loud / proudly, their

best ritual swords via'd rbs et al to fall on? red - so

this gallery sells - lucky for some. wilde and selfish

giant might just live these frosted borders

cathedraling on silent, hearts can only be stolen. or

rented. city of notes quiet lining the sky, helming

the sly, close yr eyes - my s/language of cloud.

magnolia or magnum, if lungs were glass - where

are the postcards? we all (have to) turn stones

over alone


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words & image: Sean Burn, UK (website)

- (most commonly used to describe 'short' espressos (and i understand italian for restraint) - is an ongoing project in photographic triptych and coffedrench prosepoem shortcutting the essence of a place" - Sean Burn


BluePrintReview - issue 21 - shortcuts / detours