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Red Island Rocks

There I was in my element
here I lie where the waves
lick the shore, lapping
a lapis lazuli lullaby

wanting to roll and retreat
with them on the brine
take a salty voyage in time
to my childhood days.

Each night in my dreams
I retrace the path to the beach
where I walked every day
of my first seven years.

Each morning I wake
with fiery red eyes
that swell like they've been
carrying water from the well all night.

I've sunk down too deep
trying to find in sleep the old songs
the seagulls' screech of joy
as they spy a flash of fresh fish on a flake

but I can't go home again
because Air Canada charges
a thousand dollar fare
in any case home is no longer there.

The houses have decayed.
last traces have disappeared.
Only bare skeleton bones remain
of the community we once shared

where a red army of rocks
surround the sea
cliffs grow up to pierce the atmosphere
straining to be free of their watery grave

So I dream of my last journey
fire to free my body to the wind
to blow my ashes out to sea
to flow with the few remaining fish

Rocks, like terracotta soldiers
no two faces the same
standing guard over the sea
rock my cradle for eternity


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Mary Duffy
Paddy Barry

notes on the process



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