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issue 29 additions

re: diary of

this page is a space for related links and thoughts and extras that come up during the editing + launch phase of the challenge issue. it's a page in progress - check back.

1) challenge call + editing notes

2) list of contributors + blog roll

3) feedback


1) diary of call + editing notes

the original call for submissions:

"Submissions are now open & invited for the next issue of BluePrintReview: the "diary of" issue.

some diary ideas/suggestions:
diary of... a place / an emotion / a friendship
diary of .. a season / a book / a walk
diary of .. an experiment / an -ism / etc.

- creative non-fiction
- fiction & prose poems
- photography & artwork"

notes on the issue:
Diary of issue in progress + Life in a Day, January 2012


2) contributor blog roll

there is a blogrolls with contributor blogs and related literary websites online at blueprint blog roll


3) issue feedback


feedback (via mail, facebook, blogs)

"Diary of a Thai Sky", "Same Year, Different Story", "Trillion page Diary"

"Awesomeness! Looks fab. I like the Thai sky diary." - Rose Hunter

"I really liked the 'Trillion page diary' poem, it is very consoling to think that the love of every person for another is that old." - Prasanna Surakanti

"Oh, this is a touching, thought provoking start to the new issue.  really, I love the photo series to start and then the Jean Morris lines, along with that image. It feels so good to be a part of this, and with Sandra Davies' image connecting so nicely to the text." - Steve Wing

"Love the first pieces - especially Rose's photo." - bl pawelek

"I really like your diaries journal so far--the breathtaking photos at the beginning, the poet who interweaves her story with poetic observances, and the last one--so beautifully conjured. I am anxious to read all of it." - Sue Ellis



feedback (via mail, facebook, blogs)

"A Diagram of Ninth Days", "Life of a Silkworm"

"The new pieces in Blueprint Review are just superb.  A Diagram of Ninth Days is stunning, can't-stop-reading, feeling-it-at-every-word prose. and the photo, with elements of bleached and hollow, yet street-alive ~ a very good choice! and Life of a Chinese Oak Silkworm, it is lovely and connected to Trillion. that image is so perfect too. such a variety of textures in these diaries.  yet the connections are there too, the flow, the sequence, not just unrelated steps." - Steve Wing


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