What I Loved - A novel
Siri Hustvedt

a story based on seven liefelines crossing and entangling. very real and at the same time very symbolic...

"...about how all those different people see what they see just a little different from everybody else."

the themes it covers: love. lies. truth. hysteria. transformation. and art.

"...included figures, objects, books, windows, and always the written word; thick with allusion to voids, the individual, dialectic, the three fates, the nine Muses."

and most of all: reflection of life,...

"... a syntax that might be read for possible meaning, the many lives documented intended to merge into a single entity,
to show the one in the many or the many in the one."

more of the book online, here:
read the first pages

and here, an interview with the author

about the book:
Picador, published 2003, 384 pages

about the author:
Siri Hustvedt, born 1955 in Minnesota, now living in Brooklyn with her husband Paul Auster.

other books: The Blindfold (1992)

The Enchantment of Lily Dahl (1996)

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