we moved there before there really was much of a circle.
it was on the edge of town. just a dirt road running around and back into itself.

there were lots of wildflowers: wild verbena, black-eyed susans and indian blankets; but i don't recall any bluebonnets. those were mostly out on the highway. we called them the bluebonnet plague and believed it was carried
by the indian blankets.

sometimes we would have neighborhood wars with comanche needles. these were little shoots of a particular weed that could be plucked and had a barbed point on its head. they didn't hurt much, but they stung nonetheless.

later on the road would be paved and the circle planted as a neighborhood park. lightening bugs would flicker in the evening sky, and june bugs would crash against the screen door in the summer night.

(words: G. George, Texas; picture: S. Murthy, India)

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