turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read

Shelly Rae Rich in elimae

Godzilla's Journal
Sean Hewlett in McSweeney's

Pebbles & Postcards
Sid Miller in JMWW

How to write about Africa
Binyavanga Wainaina in Granta

There's a Hole in the City
(Story South winning story)
Richard Bowes in Sci Fi Com

My Parent's Bedroom
Uwem Akpan in The New Yorker

more reads: in short and in print


to write

4 word poem
write a poem that contains the words
"vinegar, fossil, heedless & embroider"
poetry special feature eclectica

submit: August

Postmodern Pulp
crime fiction that is serious & out of focus
"Dig that crazy grave!"
theme issue Mississippi Review
deadline: Sept 15, max 2000 words

The Pilgrimage of Childhood
open call for poetry, prose,
art & photo submissions
theme issue Artistry of Life
deadline: Sept 15

55 words
send your best stab at a 55 word story.
make it vivid. if you'd like to include your artwork,
make sure it is smaller than 300 pixels
guest story page of birdandmoon

Reflections, Knowledge & Growth
paintings, abstract art, digital art, poetry,
short story, non-fiction, and photography
theme issue Sage of Consciousness
deadline: October 10

The Independent vs. The Representative Voice
seeking fiction, nonfiction, critical essays and poems
that show knowledge of the writer's craft
theme issue Switchback
deadline: October 15

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