Pages of the Mind

The hardbound book sits on the topmost shelf
Motes of dust wrap themselves all over
urface smooth and painted
But within
The pages crumble
Delicate and burdened with the weight of being
Gnarled edges give way to the veins of words
Folds on the corners reminds one to look back
To see the word that was last spoken

As with the mind
hat wears a stone cloak
Masking a bundle of cotton thoughts
Twisted and folded into memories
Held in the hand of hell
That pushes the wishcart of love
Through the corridors of possession
The passageways of obsession

The fumes of desire sweep along
Covering every room
Turning the window panes moist
Visible through curtains of reason
Which are slashed into shreds
By visions of a silver and golden life,
Drenching in the thunderstorms of strife
But chewing on the toffees of peace

On and on
the Mind plays
With the shadows of Time
Sweet and gullible
Chasing each other
With gusto
Running down the sands
Along the waves of fears and dreams
Shores that border the sea of tranquility


words: Swati Nair, India
photo: Danielle V.
, Canada

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