turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read

Unfinished Story Project
Aaron Burch, Lee Klein, John Wang,
Claire Zulkey and more in Kevsville

Dostoevsky and the Idiots
Diana J. Wynne in Mississippi Review

The Moss Forest
Lee Upton in Ward6Review

Girl from Baku
Russell Bittner in Dogmatika

Four Poems
Chad Sweeney in Slope

Kitchen Nerves
Sandra Hunter in Raving Dove

After Life
Joan Didion in The New York Times

more reads: in short and in print


to write

Front Porch
is looking for ipoetry, prose
and non-fiction
for their first issue
deadline: November 15

Dreams & Nightmares
send features, prose,
poetry& other submissions
theme issue Mosaic Minds
deadline: November 15

The Twaddlest
write a short story of max 500 words,
including the words "dappled" and "snack"
contest twaddle magazine
deadline: November 20

Can't get there from here
theme issue
Tattoo Highway
deadline: December 01

poetry, short fiction, essays,
visual art and prose poems
theme issue avatar review

submit: October 2006 - January 2007

New Takes on Feminism
new interpretations of
what it means to be a feminist
themed birthday issue Fringe
deadline: January 01


an investigation of the life of the mind,
the processes we create, the tools we use
theme issue Trepan
deadline: January 01

The Lulu Blooker Prize 2007
a literary prize devoted to "blooks":
books based on blogs. awarded in 3 categories:
Fiction, Non-Fiction, Comics
organized by Lulu.com

deadline: January 15

St. Petersburg Summer Seminars
submit one story or novel excerpt (max. 25 pages)
or up to three poems per entry
organized by SLS

deadline: February 28, reading fee: 10$

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