turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read: stories & poetry

Best of the Net 2006
Web Anthology, Sundress

An Empire of Merely Selfish Things
Sara Levine in Alice Blue

My Apartment
by L. Maybe in The Deepening

Anne Trumbore in BigUglyReview

The Thousandth Life
Gopal Balachandran in Cezanne's Carrot

& 4 links to reflections on writing:

The Machine is Us/ing Us
Michael Wesch in YouTube

My Father's Suitcace
Orhan Pamuk in The New Yorker

Fail Better
Zadie Smith in Guardian Unlimited

The Artist's Survival Kit
Keri Smith in The Wish Jar

more reads: in short and in print


to write

55 words
send your best stab at a 55 word story.
make it vivid. if you'd like to include your artwork,
make sure it is smaller than 300 pixels
guest story page of birdandmoon

Bleeds Her Lover
theme issue - send prose,
poetry and art to artistry of life
deadline: March 15

story south million writers
like in the last years there will be
a story web award, open for nominations
from editors and readers of all web-magazines,
organized by story south
nominations will open: March 15

looking for submissions in the categories:
personal essay, tell tale, top five etc.
up to 2000 words
theme issue Thereby hangs a tale
deadline: March 15

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