how many turns does it take
to get back to the begining?

ISSUE 9: December 2006
a buddha taxi ride: Doing the Right Thing
a kitchen table talk: Coming Undone
an island: Blue White Black
a disillusion: Sunshine
a maybe: Torna
a blip: Probe
a circle: Silence
a list: paper pleasures
a penny story: It Was Me
a function of words: Antiprayer, 11
a population displaced: In the District of Anger

ISSUE 8: October 2006
a memory: Best friends a long time ago
a survival: Chaucer and Hass
a diary: Firefly Nights
a time: Zhengzhou
a tale: Ísland
a poem: Pi
a strain: Hands
a wish: Lucky Moon
a maybe: Complicated Game
a morning: New season of drought
a drive: When we needed to get out more

ISSUE 7: August 2006
a morning note: blank day, transparent
a sole trek: where did we go?
a reflection: artificial limbs
a sky moment: Run
a vision: pages
a place: Nikko
a truth: Good Girl
a riddle: stone words
a caught blush: entwined
a blueprint in print: mo(nu)ment
a story told like this: Scenic Highway #34

the mo(nu)ment issue: June 2006

the first print issue of blueprintreview -
a paperback reflection
on moments
and monuments
in 70 unique pieces
by 30 authors from 5 continents

ISSUE 6: March 2006
a life questionnaire: The fragrance of it
an evening walk: Less, not more
an e-fax: then find start
a turn: ghost sonnet
a feeling: Just am
a web: Virtual Reality
a tune: feather of thought
a cruise: Daybreaking fragments
an award: Story South Million Writers

ISSUE 5: January 2006
an understanding: traveling a thin path of light
a beginning: "Life" said the magician
a perspective: In a pinch
a photo: Homer, 9:27
a drink: Tempranillo
a reality: Beirut - Dec 05
a wickett offer: get lit journals
a constellation: moon trine jupiter
a sale: Looking for a mate in your area?

ISSUE 4: November 2005
a motion: Colours run, ink dries, stories die
a sketch: pencilled in(digestion)
a place: snapshot Berlin
a want: my name
a poem: Waiting
a memory: woodtalk
a direction: down, down
a reality: The Biker and the Beggar
a dream: the day i tripped with jerry garcia

ISSUE 3: September 2005
a day: The Balloon Capital of the World
a postbox riddle: delete me 760
a truly letter: Doctor Love
a thought: To let it in
a saturation: rain
a mood: Cesenatico
a book: Masala Moments
a crossing: Into the Zanskar Area
a tune: Attack of the killer pam-pams

ISSUE 2: July 2005
a phenomenon: The Butterfly Effect
a motion: spinning somewhere
a memory: bluebonnet
a time: Past 22:00
a walk: Softening
a book: What I loved
a crossing: morning mark
a poem: Sleep, Next to Flames
a reality: New York City dipshit mugger

ISSUE 1: May 2005
a text: the prison sneaked sad
a reality: tumble tumble
a dream: singularities
a film: Hotel Rwanda
a prayer: Today
a book: Bird by Bird
a walk: Another Life
a motion: Whence a Kite
a reflection: The Loneliness of Artists


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