turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read: stories & poetry

Shave This!
Madam Z in Six Sentences

Refreshing Like Diet Coke
Jacinta Nandi in Cautionary Tale

Simple Bliss
JoJo in her blog JoJo loves beauty

Word Trigger / What is your trick?
Writer's Message Board of A Writer's Year

more reads: in short and in print

to write

4 word poem
write a poem that contains the words
"geranium, squall, skull and levitate"
poetry special feature eclectica
submit: April-May

2008 Mississippi Review Prize
fiction entries 1000-5000 words,
poetry entries: 3 poems
each entrant receives a copy of the issue
Prize Print Issue Mississippi Review
deadline: October 1, fee: 15$

Tokyo story
send a short narrative that is inseparably
tied to a specific place in Tokyo.
or send cookies.
first issue hitotoki
submit: now, launch is May 1st


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