issue #11
- invisible borders
the new issue of blueprintreview is online, and again, it comes with a different tune, a different theme. unplanned and unexpected, i received a number of submissions that move towards the border of earthly life. some of them by shifting reality, by entering the world of fiction or the reign of pretending. some of them, by crossing the physical horizon: the ends of maps, the outer space. and then there were some that touched the subject that is so often avoided: the end of life.

working on this issue was a journey in itself, and so the issue starts like one: with a foreign road, a window reflection and a howl. here the link that gets you there: blueprintreview #11
enjoy the crossing of invisible borders

Gary Beck, New York
Blogistin, Germany - blogistin
Boris Brockmann, Germany
Jeff Crouch, Texas - more
Lindsey Danis, Boston - Adventures in Dessert
Radu Dima, Bucharest
Timothy Gager, Massachusetts - TimothyGager
Brian Greene, North Carolina
Efrat Havusha, Israel
Ira Joel Haber, NewYork - online gallery
Ed Higgins, Oregon - poetry page
Tammy Ho, HongKong - homepage
Jónas Knútsson, Iceland
Cathrine Lødøen, Norway - snapshots

Smitha Murthy, India
Kristine Ong Muslim, Phillippines - Bibliography
Christina Rosalie, Webland - my topograpy
Ludowika Swoboda, Austria
Steve Wing, Florida - sand shadow
Keith Wynne, New York

Dorothee Lang, Germany -
oil on copper

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