turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

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first book interviews
98 interviews with authors, every other day

Turn Around when Possible
Mr. Harlequin in Six Sentences

One of 190 Random Stories
John Cage - Indeterminacy

The Darker Secrets of Gardening
Bob Bradshaw in eclectica

LaTanya McQueen in SummersetReview

kinetic sculptures
Theo Jansen in glumbert.com

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to write

Daily Chills Calendar
the temporary absurdist is collecting
365 dark, twisted, surreal pieces
of flash fiction or poetry for a calendar
word limit: 365 words

calendar Temporary Absurdist
deadline: late September

Women: Dark & Light
theme issue - send prose,
poetry and art to artistry of life
deadline: September 15

Delmara Review
fiction entries up to 6000 words,
short fiction & creative nonfiction up to 1500 words, poems up to 40 lines - (for poetry,
also check out the Delaware Poetry Review)

Spring Issue Delmara Review
reading period: September 01 - January 31

The Taste Issue
send tasty submissions up to 2000 words
for following section: Peronsal Essay,
Tall Tale, How-To, Top Five, Do Tell, Library

Theme Issue Thereby Hangs a Tale
reading period: September 15 - February 15


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