issue #13 - closer

if the blueprintreview was a hotel, this issue numbered 13 wouldn't exist. we would skip it, together with the potentially irritating themes it includes and move on to safer figures and grounds. and doing so, miss a cat-green vice, a runaway from summer, someone who stays still at the window -
and the Story I Would Tell You if We Were in Bed Together Late at Night, just to name a few of the incidents that wait there, in room 13. besides coffee with Kevin Costner (yes, that one really happened), and close-ups of things that will be gone tomorrow.

the theme of 13?
it's close / closer.

which, according to the Thesaurus, encloses 70 different effects that the act of coming closer can have: from closing out to closing up and closing in, from closeness to closedness.

so, close the door, and get closer to the blue.
enjoy your stay ~


Natalie Abadzis, London - byebyeballoon
Suzanne Aubin, Canada - Cuba photos
Anne Cammon, NewYork - bio
Elle Driscoll, Australia - captured
Tammy Ho, Hongkong - sighming
Tasnim Jivaji, Canada - have you got the time?
RaeAnn Kime, Southern California
Jónas Knútsson, Iceland - more
Chen Pingping, China
Peter Schwarz, Maine - Sitrah Ahra
Trace Sheridan, California - Trace

J.A. Tyler, Colorado - aboutjaytyler
Michael K. White, Colorado - stories
Steve Wing, Florida - sand shadow
Lisa Wright, Conneticut - wrightwrong

Dorothee Lang, Germany -

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