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BluePrintReview issue #29
"Diary of
a stream of evening fieldwork: Diary of a Northeast Thai Sky

this moment, right here: same year, different story

a long chain of inheritance: Trillion page diary

spindle of: Life of a Chinese Oak Silkworm

crossings: A Diagram of Ninth Days

an equation: how i grew smaller

a reflection: Diary of Pinkf

a home: The Fledgling

up close: carricitos

found: tangents

life as: Last Story

stitch: Diary of a Quilt

a walk: Threat of Distance

lit city fusion: New York Diary

a depart: Window Book of 7 Fields

a desert diary in 3 poems: Afghanistan

clarity and chaos: Reflections on Holy Week

street notes: on my way to buy a morning paper

and so the rebellion is beginning: Diary of a Girl's Legs


on editing the issue: diary of notes


authors & artists & their diaries:
Beth Adams, Marcia Arrieta, Natalie d'Arbeloff,
Sandra Davies
(#2), Mary Duffy, Karyn Eisler,
Sue Ellis
, Inge Flessa, Susan M. Gibb (#2),
Colin D. Halloran, Ed Higgins,
Rose Hunter (#2), Michèle Larocque (#2),
Jean Morris (#2), Nine, bl pawelek (#2), Parmanu
Nancy Scott, Kathryn Stam, John Swain
Steve Wing (#2 + #3), Prasanna Surakanti


Dorothee Lang


© All individual copyrights
are retained by the respective authors and artists


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