how many turns does it take
to get back to the begining?

ISSUE 8: October 2006
a new season of drought
when we needed
best friends &
firefly nights

ISSUE 7: August 2006
blank day, transparent
entwined in pages
and stone words
where did we go?

the mo(nu)ment issue: June 2006

a paperback reflection
on moments and monuments
in 70 unique pieces
by 30 authors from 5 continents

ISSUE 6: March 2006
Just am
the fragrance of
less, not more
daybreaking fragments

ISSUE 5: January 2006
Homer in a pinch
a thin path of light
looking for the moon

ISSUE 4: November 2005
colours run, ink dries
down, down
pencilled in
the day i tripped with j.

ISSUE 3: September 2005
Into the Zanskar Area
to let it in
delete me
Doctor Love

ISSUE 2: July 2005
Sleep, Next to Flames
Past 22:00
spinning somewhere
The Butterfly Effect

ISSUE 1: May 2005
the prison sneaked sad
Whence a Kite
tumbled tumbled
into Another Life

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