turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read

Why make stuff?
Mark Boyd in gapingvoid

Six Sentences Project
Claire Zulkey, Eric Wrisley, R.T. Sehgal & others
are telling stories in six sentences

A Distant Echo
Marcia Arrieta in Sage of Consciousness

You're No Baudelaire
JoAnn Welsh in Pindeldyboz

913 Mansfield Drive
J.A. Tyler in Artistry of Life

more reads: in short and in print


to write

4 word poem
write a poem that contains the words
"indolent, antidote, chisel & anoint"
poetry special feature eclectica

submit: February

Worst Love Poem Ever
"We're looking for the absolute sappiest,
most cliché, poems of loving or loathing
that you can muster up" - Void

deadline: February

St. Petersburg Summer Seminars
submit one story or novel excerpt (max. 25 pages)
or up to three poems per entry
organized by SLS

deadline: February 28, reading fee: 10$

the end of the world
papertiger invites poetry and poetry-related
submissions for its first themed issue.
theme issue papertiger
deadline: March 01

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