'Bees' by Craig Caudill


Coming Undone

She tortures a tea towel in her hand, listening across the kitchen. The floor might be strewn with hollow eggshells.

He is saying, "I'm ready to do anything, be anything, anything you want me to be to fix this…"

"When I hear that," she says, "it sounds to me as if - if you can just figure out how, or if I will just tell you how to fix me, to fix my problem - it will all be okay. That makes it all down to me, makes it me who is the problem. It's whatever I want, what I decide. It's still me who has to make everything right, who is responsible."

"I just mean I'm available and I want to be supportive, do whatever I can," he repeats, taking a minuscule step backwards, careful not to crush anything that might be there, waiting to surprise him.

She releases the twisted towel onto the kitchen table and feels her breath break in her chest.


words: Margot Miller, Maryland (Margot Miller)
photo: Craig Caudill, Ohio (controlled by bees)


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