BluePrintReview Issue 18

Origin and End

a white beginning: Big Bang Cause Unknown

a drive: From Eden to Erie with friends

a satiation: The Immaculate Dots

a recollection: Her own Bones

a sacrifice: 6 relatives

a theory: evidence

a room: Scent

a tie: untitled

a scene: Mailwife

a memory: Two or Six

a place: Coming and Going

a streaming: For the Moment

a desire: A Slow Pull of Orange Taffy

a tantrum: They Shoot the Horse at the End

. ~

9 more origins and ends
can be found in just a moment:
Alone, Instead of trying to kiss and paw at her, Torn Hibiscus, beyond the battlefield,
The Hearse, Red Damselfly,
double rainbow, words written, Tracks


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