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L. Ward Abel, Georgia (universecanoe)
Things Continue

Beth Adams, Canada (the cassandra pages)
Conversatins Between Kingdoms

Beverly Akerman, Montreal/Canada (webpage & more)

Arlene Ang, Italy (& other ways to talk to myself)
Probe, Memento Mori

Shannon Anthony, Minneapolis ( blog )
The Next Naked Alien

Lys Anzia, Colorado, (women news network)
Run, Waiting, Sleep, Next to Flames

Marcia Arrieta, California (indefinite space)
to speak again, under the design, traveling a thin path of light,
add paint
, evidence, Map I / Map II, the bookcases

Suzanne Aubin
, Canada (Cuba photos)
Bare Shelves, Hands

Cecilia Austin, Philippines (clearcandy daily)
the house

Emma Barnes, NewZealand/Japan (Elbows on the Table)
Groomed by a Bird
, ain't no progress

Gary Beck, New York
Sly Bigotery / One World, Foreign Dream

Kimberly L. Becker, Maryland
Unified Fields

Christian Bell, Maryland ( I'm Not Emilio Estevez )

Michael Bergstein, New York (Conjunctions)
Lost at Sea, 13 Halloweens

James Bezerra, California (standard kink)

Walter Bjorkman, Maryland ( more)
As I Awake in Silent Walk

Z.Z. Boone (more & more)

Mel Bosworth (No More Hot Lunches)
Butler Creek, Our Vernal Ties

Chris Bowen, Ohio (burning river)
From Eden to Erie with friends

Emily Brandt, NY ( examiner-blog )

April Michelle Bratten, North Dakota (up the staircase)
Turn to Stone

Jolie Braun, Missouri (more)
The Library

Broken Gopher Ink (website)

Kate Brown, Netherlands (postcards from a flat land)
Place de la Revolution, naked

Sean Burn, UK ( website )
ristretto (carlisle), scarif

Anne Cammon, NewYork (bio)
Sonorous, And then Absence

Sita Carboni, Canada (Pandora's Collective)
REM Sleep II

Jessie Carty, North Carolina ( homepage )

Michael Caylo-Baradi, California ( interval interventions )
Cruising on Revisitation

Elaine Chiew, U.K. (more)

Martin Chipperfield, Adelaide (34thParallel)
second silence

J.T. Clark, New York ( Black Lab Book / The Joy of Lex )
Remembering South Bronx Sounds

Tyler Cobb, Minnesota (more)
Nomads Like Us, Claustrophobic Little Boy,
Pre-Cell Observations

Sheldon Lee Compton, Kentucky (Bent Country)
How to Burn Years

Tom Conoboy, England
Lucky Moon

Jeff Crouch, Texas (more)
only, broken

Lindsey Danis, Boston (Adventures in Dessert)

Janann Dawkins, Michigan (more / Third Wednesday)
the self

Rodrigo V. Dela Peña Jr., Philippines

Radu Dima, Bucharest
the ends of maps

Tai Dong Huai, Conneticut
Scent, Look-See

William Doreski, New Hampshire (blog)
Black and White, Erasing All the Sacred Texts, The Clash of Shadows

Cathy Douglas, Wisconsin (Cathy's Page)
Turville Woods , Stream of Consciousness Bio

Elle Driscoll, Australia (captured)
Black soul, where did we go?, Colours run, ink dries, stories die

Steve Dunsford, Canada
Into the Zanskar Area

Ted Edwards, Oman
Beirut - Dec 05

Helen Ellis, Australia
Mull of Kintyre

Daniela Elza, Canada ( Strange Places )
dying for answers, The Math Ex.am

Karyn Eisler, Canada (Living ?s)
Kissie Kiss , dinner for 2 in Vacation town

Michelle Elvy, New Zealand
Almost There

Lori Epperson, Texas (blog & photos)
Life in the Sign Business. The Season's Solace

Alexandra Ernst, France/Vermont (more & more)
to the unborn

Michael Estabrook
, Massachussets
Ballroom Dancing Class
, Grass

J. Fisher, Canada (about & more)
i am not made of stone, strawberries, tug and maul

Finnegan Flawnt. Berlin (blog)
The Writer / The Fool / The Families

Peggy Fletcher, Canada

Lori Fredrickson, New York (lorifredrickson.com)
walking home from a friend's house

Friedrich, New York
Less, not more

Timothy Gager, Massachusetts (TimothyGager)
, Cynical Moon Poems

Molly Gaudry, Philadelphia (blogspot)

Eckhard Gerdes ( website )
Every Town

Gerry George, Texas
bluebonnet, the day i tripped with jerry garcia

Shanna Germain, UK ( homepage )

Susan M. Gibb (Spinning / Hypercompendia)
Different, Descriptions

Michelle Gilliam, USA ( more )
Red Giant

Roland Goity, California (litnimage)
Dreaming, Restricted Development Area

Christopher Graham, Pennsylvania (Backspace)
Rain, rain...

Brad D. Green, Texas (elevatetheordinary)
A Slow Pull of Orange Taffy

Brian Greene, North Carolina
I was a teenage thief
, a Violation, Close, Dinner at the Waffle House

John Grey, Rhode Island (What Else Is There)
With Esther in Arizona

Michelle Hartman, Texas (website)
Alternate Timelines

Efrat Havusha, Israel
Torna, The Loneliness of Artists

Tim Hawkins, Michigan
Terrible Beauty

Cheryl Hicks, Texas (imagewarehouse)
Big Bang Cause Unknown

Ed Higgins, Oregon (poetry page)
Remembering Ginsberg, Sifted Particles,
so help me , Five

Heather Hodges, currently: Buenos Aires (Pieces)

Tammy Ho Lai Ming, HongKong (homepage)
People in a movie, Fragments

Paul Hostovsky (homepage)

Clare Howdle, UK (wordslikepictures)
The Beginning

Daniel Hudon, Boston (about)
The Four O'Clock Café , The Birth of the Universe

Rose Hunter, Mexico (YB poetry journal / blog)
A picture of a place you've seen before but not, Agave
Aposematic / Grey, Roller Door Devotional

Claire Ibarra, Florida/Peru ( homepage )
A Glimpse of Color

Jennifer Jackson Whitley, Georgia (Spilt Milk)

Tasnim Jivaji, Canada (have you got the time?)
i see my life running before my eyes

Adrienne Johnson, California (more & mail)
The Subway

Kristina Johnson, California (wired2theworld)

Jason M. Jones, Philadelphia
How to Describe Eternity

Michael Lee Johnson, Chicago

David Jordan, Oregon ( Writeright )
Father of the Suicide

Paul Kavanagh, North Carolina
The orgy

Kim Keith, Arizona ( sparkygurl )
Dual Track Mind

Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, Washington (blue trajectory)

RaeAnn Kime, Southern California (e-mail)
For You

R. Paul Klein, Minnesota (Tobybashi)
The Capital of Garbo

Jónas Knútsson, Iceland (more)
A Propos de Cannes
, Streets of Reykjavik 2 , Streets of Reykjavik,
Soirée Ambiguë
, Since July, Coming and Going, Finalment, New York

Len Kuntz, Washington ( blog )
My Mother, Marilyn Monroe

Patricia La Barbera, Florida (homepage)
Twelve Stories

W. F. Lantry, Washington ( homepage )
Sleeping Circles

Lauren, Alaska
Homer, 9:27

Sarah Layden (Vicariously Yours)
Gone in a Blink

Sharon Lim, Singapore
snapshot Berlin, spinning somewhere

Tao Lin, NY (reader of depressing books)
something happened

Cathrine Lødøen, Norway (snapshots)
, In life., Swoosh!, Hidden, The Shape of Grief

Kirsty Logan, Scotland (blog / Fractured West)
Imaginary Birds

Krystin Low, Austarlia
pencilled in(digestion)

Sheila Lynne, Georgia (Scarlets Walk)

S is for Sorrow, Solitude ...Sands, Certainty, Strange Little Girls,
Just am, In a pinch, Today, Sweater

P.H. Madore, USA
my name

M. Martinez, Louisiana
New York City dipshit mugger

Jim Meirose, New Jersey

Nicholas Messenger, New Zealand
In Solitude
, Midnight, Here

Margot Miller, Maryland (Margot Miller)
Dying Hard, Coming Undone,
New season of drought, Good Girl

Catherine McGuire, Oregon ( website )

LaTanya McQueen, North Carolina (more)
The Women of My Father

Luigi Monteferrante, Italy ( Gang of Tolstoy )
Once Upon a Time

George Moore, Lyon/Colorado ( more , more & more )
The Cork Trees of Alentejo

Smitha Murthy, India (Life Wordsmith)
Sanya, Sunshine, Zhengzhou, The fragrance of it,
The Biker and the Beggar
, Past 22:00, Whence a Kite

Swati Nair, India (Animalands)

Naomi, United States (the price of kissing)
blank day, transparent

Bonnie Nish, Canada (Pandora's Collective)
The Warehouse, Chaucer and Hass

Nora Nadjarian, Cyprus (betty boop inspired)
cold, warm, lukewarm

Melanie O., Australia (View from the Tenth Level)
The Girl who wanted to be a VargasPinup
, Doctor Love

Kevin O'Cuinn, Ireland (kevsville)
When we needed to get out more

Uzodinma Okehi, NY

Maurice Oliver, Oregon (CS Review)
Post Script Sonnet, "Life" said the magician

Kristine Ong Muslim, Phillippines (Bibliography)
After the funeral, Antiprayer, 11

J.M. Patrick, Connecticut (more)
Learning to Swim in an Estuary

Brigita Pavsic, Slovenia ( soul flowers )
Washed Out

bl pawelek, california ( homepage )
four radius

Patrick M. Pilarski, Canada (DailyHaiku)
Cars Without Headlights
: nightfall, and / : at 37.000 feet

Chen Pingping, China
Shangrila, down, down, Virtual Reality, Two or Six

Maria C. Pollack, NY

S. Prabharakaran, Canada
morning mark

Vivian Faith Prescott, Alaska ( Planet Alaska )

Eric Prochaska, US (blog)

Shelly Rae Rich, North Carolina (Shell's)
Best friends a long time ago

Sam Rasnake (Blue Fifth Review)
Studies in Windows

The Two Sides of the Brain

Lisa Reade
, Boston
On Some Road, Redeye, Obachan

Michelle Reale, Philadelphia
The Way it Should Be, Nostrum

Al Rempel, Canada (website)

Jadon Rempel, Canada (more)
They Shoot the Horse at the End

Ria, Dubai (dubai yuki)
Dubai driving

Laura Riggs, California ( e-mail l)
The Palindrome

J.D. Riso, US / Poland

Christina Rosalie, webland (my topograpy)
Like Penguins, A reader's life, Catching up, Today More Coffee

Brad Rose, Boston ( blog & lola-loves-richard)
The Scream

J.R.Salling, Ohio
In the District of Anger

Sare, Australia

Jennifer Saunders, US / Switzerland (Magpie Days)
The Things You Know by Heart

Beate Sigriddaughter, Colorado ( website / glass woman prize )
In her Dreams

Linda Simoni-Wastila, Baltimore ( LeftBrainWrite )
Second-hand video-cam

Fiona Sze-Lorrain / Greta Aart, France (Fiona Sze-Lorrain)
For the moment

Peter Schwartz, Maine (Sitrah Ahra)
6 relatives

Fariel Shafee, USA (The other side of the moon)
The immaculate dots

Lynne Shapiro, New York (more & more)
Not Technicolor

Trace Sheridan, California (34thParallel / Trace)
Close Enough

Indrayudh Shome, India/NewYork (contact)

Elliot Foster Smith, Pennsylvania ( blog )
the hue of antiquation

Craig Snyder, Michigan
The Butterfly Effect

Eleventh Hour Sol, New York (Buddha Cab Blog)
Doing the Right Thing

Kathrine Steiger, Massachusetts/Germany (more & more)

Richard Stevenson, Canada (biography + publications)
Stuck in the Mud

Jasper Stone, webland
Slip Inside

Lynn Strongin, Canada (webpage)
/bitter, When I Lie

Jessica Stubert-Perasso, Colorado (waking up late)
artificial limbs

Robin Susanto, Canada (photo gallery)
The Rain Connoisseur

Karen Swartz, Georgia (Bad Alice)

John Sweet, NewYork (the bleeding horse, avenged)
ghost sonnet

Gregory F. Tague, New York (website)
Her Own Bones, Consistency of Milk

Ben Tanzer, Chicago (This Blog Will Change Your Life)
What We Thought We Knew

Bryan Tarpley, Texas (The Hopeful Midwife)
In her Head a Cello Plays

Susan Tepper, NY (homepage)

Pat Tompkins, California
They Grow Up So Fast

David Trame, Italy
If Anywhere

J.A. Tyler, Colorado (aboutjatyler)
In Her Looking
, Folding and Unfolding On,
Death and Then
, Scenic Highway #34, The Sea Lions

V. Ulea, Pennsylvania (Ulita.net)

Danielle V
., Canada

Joanna Valente, New York blog + Yes, Poetry)

Ocean Vuong, ( blog & vietnamlit.org )

M. Kathleen Walworth, Ohio
Silent Messenger

Jared Ward, Arkansas (more)
Blood Remembers

Steve Wing, Florida (about & more)
Storm and Shelter, Firefly Nights, Daybreaking fragments,
To let it in, Softening, Another Life, Butterflies of Night

Grace Wingo
, Maryland + Washington, D.C. ( Cherish the Day )
Time to wear a news dress

Michael K. White, Colorado (stories)
xeroxed, morning in North Carolina, The Bob Foss dream,
It Was Me, Complicated Game, March 2037
That's The Way It Ought To Be

Jennifer Jackson Whitley
, Georgia (Spilt Milk)

Phoebe Wilcox, Pennsylvania ( homepage )
Visiting Hours

David Wolach (Experiments in Text)
story of anderson cooper

Nicole Wong, Hong Kong (Meditations in an Emergency)
Pale Heart

Lisa Wright, Conneticut (wrightwrong)
This is the Story I Would Tell You If..

Eric Wrisley, Ohio (CautionaryTale)
tumble tumble, The Balloon Capital of the World

Diana J. Wynne, California (The Daily Interface)
A Seat at the Table, Kaiten-zushi, Ísland

Mercedes M. Yardley, US (abrokenlaptop)

Sandra M. Yee, Arizona (Yin, Yang & Chocolate)
Hair Cuts

Changming Yuan
, Canada (bquest)
Two Too

Lisa Zaran
, Arizona (lisazaran)

Zhoen (One Word)


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